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A rich environment for exploiting parallelism across servers, cores and GPUs in a fault-tolerant and robust manner.

Create parallel capabilities to solve problems in all manner of domains, including finance, life sciences, electronic design, IT, visualization, and analytics. Software developers may use SPM.Python to augment new or existing (Python) serial scripts for scalability across parallel hardware. Alternatively, SPM.Python may be used to better manage the execution of stand-alone (non-Python x86 and GPU) applications across compute resources in a fault-tolerant manner taking into account hard deadlines.

Suite of built-in parallel primitives
These parallel primitives are designed to enable developers to express scalable, fault-tolerant parallelism with as little as 60 lines of code (in Python).

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Technical Briefs
This class of primitives are designed to enable any of your existing OpenMPI application to inherit support for fault tolerance, timeout, and detection of deadlocks ... all in a frictionless manner.

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Data + Graph Analytics
Our approach to enabling data and graph analytics is centered around a suite of specialized parallel generators and emitters ... coupled with parallel exceptions.

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